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Large-scale Ecological Restoration Projects, Powered by Compost, Funded by Carbon Financing

Our Mission:

To reverse climate change by leading in transformative ecological restoration, dramatically enhancing soil health and naturally reducing atmospheric carbon on an unprecedented scale.

Our goal is create financially sustainable, high-integrity projects and credits based on rigorous soil science, sampling, testing and reporting.


Through partnerships with California’s largest compost producers, ranchers and farmers across the state, CoolPath is positioned to accelerate carbon sequestration through the implementation of large-scale regenerative practices focusing on restoring and enhancing range and grassland soil health.

Leveraging advanced science and an extensive network of partners, we aim to drastically cut our clients' carbon footprints and combat climate change, promising a profound effect on ecological health, biodiversity, and increased grassland health and agricultural productivity​.


By working hand-in-hand with ranchers and farmers we build upon and amplify the effects of their decades of soil conservation practices such as prescribed, rotational grazing and crop rotation. As we sink more and more carbon into the soil, the health of the soil improves which increases its water-holding capacity and nutrient-holding capacity. This directly helps rejuvenate their rangelands and restore the balance of our planet's ecosystem using the power of nature.

CoolPath provides solutions to help decarbonize the critical agriculture and food sectors, while also restoring and preserving natural habitats.

CoolPath's 4 methodology pillars:

Carbon Farming

Regenerative Ag Practices

Natural Habitat Solutions

Working Land Ranches

CooPath carbon farming verification
The lack of access to large volumes of high-quality compost.

CoolPath, with Agromin's support, addresses the lack of high-quality compost by utilizing advanced composting technologies and extensive agricultural networks. This partnership ensures the production and availability of large volumes of premium compost, essential for effective carbon farming and soil health enhancement.

CooPath is creating nature-based carbon sinks to restore our future

The expense of processing, transporting and applying compost on a large scale

To overcome the challenges of compost processing, transportation, and application costs, CoolPath leverages Agromin's innovative approaches and infrastructure. By optimizing logistics and using efficient application methods, they make large-scale compost use economically viable for carbon farming projects.

CoolPath, with its strategic partners, has built the capacity to overcome both of these challenges.

The opportunity to create a large carbon sink utilizing degraded rangeland has faced two critical challenges:


Increased yields
Reduced water use
Increased water retention
Reduced use of synthetic fertilizer
Reduced pesticide use
Increased biodiversity 

Delivering Verifiable Climate Results



Certification of climate reduction outcomes through VERRA’s Verified Carbon Standard Program – the world’s most widely used GHG crediting program.



This rigorous process ensures that the carbon reductions are “real, measurable, additional, permanent, independently verified, conservatively estimated and transparently listed.” (



Additional value is awarded to projects which emphasize and document benefits to biodiversity and socio-economic factors which align closely with CoolPath’s carbon projects.

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