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Benefits & Value

Comprehensive Vertical Integration

Secure, ever-growing multi-state supply
Robust, well-established logistics platform
Long-established statewide service base
Network of world-class carbon & standards experts
Thorough integration with jurisdictions & protocols
Leader in compliance & regulatory expertise
CoolPath's carbon sinks produce verifiable, valuable, and permanent carbon credit solutions


  • Opportunity to deploy capital and participate in meeting the expanding demand for carbon sequestering programs that actually restore ecologies.

  • Share in the benefits of helping businesses as they invest in CoolPath’s programs to achieve their sustainability goals.

  • Early participation in the revenues generated from the sale of verified carbon off-set credits.

  • Share in the revenues generated by regenerative carbon farming practices endorsed and incentivized by multiple Federal, State and NGO programs.

  • Alignment with historically strong farmland asset class.

CoolPath's carbon sinks produce verifiable, valuable, and permanent carbon credit solutions


  • Share in the increased value generated through meeting the extraordinary need to restore ecologies by improving agricultural soil health, nationwide.

  • Participate in the competitive advantage created through the expanding strategic partnership with Agromin.

  • Tangibly and feasibly de-carbonizing your supply chain

Examples of CoolPath Conservation Practices

CoolPath's conservation practices are as diverse as they are tangible
CoolPath's conservation practices range from fortifying cover crops, hedgerows, grazing land, natural habitats and much more
  • Soil Carbon Amendment (CPS 336)

  • Establish permanent Conservation Cover (CPS 327)

  • Conservation Cover crops (CPS327, CPS 340)

  • Intensive till to no-till or strip till (CPS 329)

  • Reduced till to no-till (CPS 329)

  • Compost application, 8 tons/acre (CPS 336)

  • Mulching (CPS 484)

  • Nutrient Management- 50% nitrogen reduction (CPS 590)

  • Rangeland Planting (CPS 550)

  • Prescribed grazing (528)

  • Brush management (CPS 314)

  • Tree/shrub establishment (CPS 612)

  • Windbreak establishment/renovation (CPS 380/650), 2 rows

  • Hedgerows (CPS 422), single row

  • Alley Cropping (CPS 311)

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