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Most carbon farming programs lack economic feasibility and permanence.

The CoolPath Approach

Our CARBON REMOVAL process bears a critical distinction from other "carbon allowance" programs.

Leverage strategic relationships with statewide compost producer network.
These companies comprise some of the largest managers of organic waste in California with industry-leading, advanced composting processes, access to and processing of millions of tons of organic and green waste, producing hundreds of certified organic products for specialty use, and unmatched infrastructure to execute at scale.​

These companies are represented in the following critical associations - the California Compost Coalition (CCC), the Association of Composters (ACP) and the United States Composting Council (USCC).

Secure talent, technologies and partnerships needed to offer the most advanced capabilities available and navigate-- even lead-- into the new frontier of verifiable carbon farming and deliver measurable results in the fight to reverse climate change.
Harness the broad skill set of industry experts in agricultural operations, both farming and rangeland, soil science, organic material composting, scientific measurement, analysis and reporting, sustainability programs, and real estate, finance, and large-scale project management.


CoolPath Logo - reclaiming tomorrow today

CoolPath solves for significant barriers to success:

1) Work with ranchers and farmers to identify agricultural land with depleted soil to restore it through regenerative practices. 
2) With our agriculture partners, write a prescription for each soil and to deliver and apply a custom blend of amendments to fix the soil to increase the soil organic matter.
3) Utilize our capacity for large-scale application of compost and other amendments.
4) Manage our programs through the complex verification process.
5) Deliver long-term climate results with ongoing annual verification.

The 'CoolPath' to a true circular economy
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